Who would be the better role model, Marilyn Bell Di Lascio or Sharon Wood?

Original copy:

Role models can be defined by the success of Sharon Wood and Marilyn Bell. In ” The true story of lake Ontario” by Marilyn Bell and ” No limits” by Sharon Wood are both astonishing representatives for role models through there accomplishments in which many fail to see opportunities that prevents us from reaching our goals. Sharron Wood conquers Mount Everest a challenge many thought was impossible through self motivation and discipline  however Marilyn Bell had accomplished swimming across Lake Ontario because her determination and courage was key to her success made her into a better role model much like the legend ” David and Goliath”.

In ” No limits” by Sharon Wood implies when she reached the top of Mount Everest with Congdon ” the night was approaching”, but after 12 hours of descending he was not in sight  causing her to lose her focus a life threatening mistake. This indicates in order to accomplish her goal she self motivated herself to keep going, but it haunted her because there was a slight chance she will never see him again. In order for her to be motivated ” She needs fear” necessary to keep her senses alert to overcome it in order to succeed.


New copy:

We are our own greatest enemy, thus the ones we look up to inspire us to prosper. In “The true story of lake Ontario” by Marilyn Bell Di Lascio and ” No limits” by Sharon Wood are role models that can be symbolized  through their accomplishments emphasizes that many fail to see opportunities that prevents us from reaching our goals nevertheless can be succeeded with hard work. Sharron Wood conquers Mount Everest a strong analogy of an obstacle that many defines it as impossible through self-motivation and discipline however Marilyn Bell completes swimming across Lake Ontario because her determination, influence over others was key to her success and her courage is a resemblance to the legend David and Goliath ultimately made her into a superior role mode.

The dare devil dangerous mountain climber challenges the impossible. In ” No limits” by Sharon Wood pushed to thrive that led her up and down the mountain therefore she learned “ the value of perseverance” ( Sharon Wood 16) symbolized she disciplined herself  to realize that we have control over the steering wheel is a metaphor that we design our own limitations, thus propels us through struggles. She becomes her own role model. During her descent she abandons her partner Congdon after “she began to dream “(Sharon Wood 12) emphasizes she was temporarily disoriented and motivated herself to keep going even at a risk she will never see him again. Going against all odds. In “The true story of Lake Ontario” Marilyn Bell dares to battle the ferocious, fierce, and freezing waves of the water to swim across lake Ontario since the age of nine she “was never fast and never good” (Marilyn Bell 3) proves the young swimmer was a symbol for Canada to gain national pride since she was determined to swim other than herself. After her heroic victory “thousands of people” (Marilyn Bell 34) gathered to celebrate a historical moment “where many families prayed for her” (Marilyn Bell 25) indicates she had influenced others through her experience that anyone could fulfill a dream if one has the determination to go as far as possible even alone. 

The young swimmer Marilyn Bell uses her determination to continue her quest to swim across lake Ontario where she was reluctant, but nevertheless the mountain climber Sharon Wood uses her knowledge to guide herself back down to the Valley due to herself motivation. While Marilyn Bell overcame her fear and became less petrified of “fish, of weeds, of whatever might be in there” ( Marilyn Bell 6) on the contrary Sharon wood overcame her fear of losing her friend forever where she learned “ to keep going”( Sharon Wood 14) in order to succeed.  Not only is Marilyn courageous, but also determined  which is identical to David in the legend ” David and Goliath” that David goes up against a forceful, furious and frightening colossal  with strengths beyond questionable  corresponds to Marilyn who her Goliath symbolized a deep, dark , and dreadful abyss of the freezing waters of Lake Ontario to swim for over 20 hours.

The parallel between David and Marilyn is an analogy that Marilyn ultimately is a better role model because she taught us one can never climb the ladder a metaphor for success without hard work despite the fact she failed her first dream of going in the Olympics however she continued her passion of swimming, thus it led to the accomplishment of swimming across Lake Ontario. Both  Marilyn Bell and Sharon Wood are role models, perfect role models that are a true icon for all of us to who strive to be the best that inspires myself to do the very same where I learned what prevents us from reaching our goals is failing to see opportunities and failing to overcoming our fears. Possessing the attributes and qualities of Marilyn Bell greatly contribute to one’s life.


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